The Woes of a Lazy Researcher

As I have mentioned in other parts of my website, for the past six years I have been working on a novel.  By now, I must have over twenty revisions, and I’m sure there will be many more by the time I actually consider it done for publication.  When I first started writing my novel, I was fourteen years old, and I hated the very word ‘research’.  Alas, I am now paying for my youthful laziness.  I had not realized the extent to which a novelist needs to research in order to have an adequate grasp on the subject matter.  Many of the revisions were necessary because there were parts of my novel that needed to get fleshed out, or parts that had to be completely rewritten.  However, I do feel slightly encouraged now, as I feel that I have ironed out most of the issues that were there.  It should be one good novel.  In the mean time, I’m engaged in extensive research for my next project.


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