The Great Juggle

I find it amusing to think that I believed that most of the work would be over once I published my novel.  This could not be farther from the truth.  Now, halfway through my hardest semester yet in college, I find that I have to juggle working on promotion for my novel, writing my second novel, and working on short stories as well.  I also try to set aside some time to read, as the best way to improve your writing is to see how other writers practice their craft.  Also, I have to start worrying about midterm papers soon.

Despite all this, I am finding these different tasks very enjoyable.  I have loved receiving feedback on my work, and have been encouraged by the fact that, in general, everyone seems to be engaged by my writing.  A few weeks ago, I finally put out the short story, The Hospital in the Rock, and so far it is probably the work that I am the most proud of.  This feeling, along with positive comments about the work, have further convinced me that it would be fun to explore writing historical fiction.


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